Verktyg för dig som utvecklar med Microsoft Visual Studio...

Anledningar att uppgradera...

1. Support for Visual Studio 2013 while keeping compatibility with four more Visual Studio versions: 2005, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

2. Faster code fixes. Many of the code fixes that ReSharper suggests can now be batch-applied in the scope of a project or solution.

3. Architecture tools. ReSharper can now visualize a project dependency graph for a high-level perspective of dependencies within a Visual Studio solution.

4. Multifile templates. ReSharper's file templates can now be expanded into more than one file, making code generation even easier.

5. New refactorings including the highly requested Move Instance Method to move methods between classes without making them static, as well as Inline Parameter and a more intelligent version of Change Signature.


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6. Developers working on WPF, Windows Phone and all kinds of XAML-based applications receive a new set of code inspections and quick-fixes, a pack of refactorings to manipulate styles and resources, and more XAML-specific features.

7. Revised code completion. ReSharper 8 brings richer automatic completion that is able to import types, the new concept of double completion, code generation items in suggestion lists, and more improvements to IntelliSense.

8. Richer CSS support. Web developers can now enjoy browser compatibility checks, new code inspections and color conversion actions, as well as CSS code completion available in many new contexts.

9. Support for TypeScript that includes refactorings, navigation, code completion, rearranging code and code inspections such as detecting unused parameters and invalid CSS references.

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